Walking the Line: 3D Printing on the Factory Floor

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Additive manufacturing is widely known for its applications in prototyping and design, but until recently, was rarely seen in industrial manufacturing. Markforged customers are increasingly turning to our metal and continuous fiber-reinforced 3D printing technologies to solve a variety of manufacturing and industrial challenges present on nearly every factory floor, from alignment and drill jigs, to production fixtures, workholding and robotic end-of-arm tooling.

Join Senior Application Engineer Nick Sondej for a live webinar to learn:

  • • How to identify opportunities to apply high-strength 3D printing on the production floor

  • • Why Markforged parts are uniquely suited to the stresses of a manufacturing environment

  • • How 3D printing can save money, increase uptime, and improve quality across a wide range of factory applications

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Presented by Nick Sondej


Nick Sondej is a Senior Application Engineer at Markforged. He studied mechanical engineering with a focus on precision machine design and manufacturing at Georgia Tech and MIT and continues to be intrigued by the challenge of building high precision tools by integrating low cost components with 3D printed parts. Nick is passionate about advancing manufacturing technology and is excited to see his work assist manufacturers in radically accelerating their operations.

Watch the on-demand webinar