Exploring 3D Printed Thermoplastic Materials from Standard to Filled to Continuous Fiber

With the various 3D printing technologies and materials available today, it can be difficult to navigate and understand all the options. Extrusion-based thermoplastic printing is the most common type of 3D printing, but composite 3D printing with filled thermoplastics or continuous fiber reinforcement can open up new doors in manufacturing and tooling applications.

Watch this webinar on composite 3D printing to understand:

• Standard thermoplastic printing vs. fiber-filled and continuous fiber 3D printing

• Common additive filling options to thermoplastic resins to enhance functionality

• How to select the right material based on the part properties required, whether it’s surface finish, strength, stiffness, chemical or thermal resistance

Presented by Daniel Leong

Daniel Leong

Daniel Leong is the Lead Content Engineer at Markforged. Originally from Idaho, he graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical engineering. At Markforged, Daniel works on bridging the gap between traditional machining and 3D printing. Outside of Markforged, he enjoys photography, hiking, snowboarding, and playing soccer.

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