How to 3D Print Soft Jaws with a Markforged Printer

Recorded webcast from October 2017

With high strength, high surface quality, and quick turnaround time, Markforged parts make great tooling and fixtures. In this new webinar series, we focus on each type of tooling and fixture — discussing use cases, implementation, and the specific advantages that Markforged parts bring.

The first webinar of this series focuses on soft jaws. Soft jaws are nearly universal in the CNC world, required to fabricate all but the most rudimentary parts. Content Engineer Daniel Leong gave an introduction to 3D printed soft jaws and demonstrates in this on-demand webinar how Markforged provides unparalleled soft jaw solutions.

Presented by Daniel Leong


Daniel Leong is a Content Engineer at Markforged. Originally from Idaho, he graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At Markforged, Daniel works on bridging the gap between traditional machining and 3D printing.

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