3D Printing Success Stories: Markforged in the Field

Join Alex Crease for the live webcast on Tuesday, August 15th from 11 - 11:45am EDT | 3 - 3:45pm UTC.

Learn the stories of Markforged customers and how our products have provided unique and reliable solutions for their businesses. This webinar will put you in the shoes of our customers so you can understand where Markforged can fit in to a company's ecosystem. Discover the real value of a Markforged 3D printer as we dive into a range of customer applications.

In this webinar, we'll share how some of our customers have integrated high strength 3D printing into their workflow to streamline production. Discover customer applications ranging from manufacturing to automotive and learn why our customers can achieve a return on investment within weeks.

Presented by Alex Crease


As an Application Engineer at Markforged, Alex works to develop compelling value propositions for customers by exploring and expanding uses of the company’s product line. This includes writing content offers and case studies about design, use, and applications of our products, as well as working closely with customers to showcase what they can accomplish with Markforged printers and software.

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